BRIXTON Amsterdam: Late brunch, early party!

An elaborate brunch in a unique, raw setting like a warehouse or abandoned building, transforms into a party full of surprises with an outstanding lineup. The concept of “Late brunch, early party” originated in the trendy neighbourhoods of London and has made its way to Amsterdam under the name BRIXTON. The upcoming edition, in collaboration with BAUT and Levenslang, is set for November 11th.

While summer is packed with (day) festivals and parties, the chillier winter months often leave people searching for a replacement. This is why, from October to March, BRIXTON organizes three Saturday events. The target audience for BRIXTON is seasoned festival-goers who enjoy a (culinary) festivity. Get your tickets for their upcoming edition on November 11th now!

Brixton Amsterdam

Late Brunch

The location is a crucial aspect of the concept. It’s raw, unique, and an experience in itself – a place you wouldn’t typically visit during the day. Besides the location, the culinary experience is equally important. BRIXTON collaborates with restaurants that pay attention to both presentation and flavor. As a result we offer a 3-course fine dining brunch at each event, with the option for wine pairing or ordering special cocktails.

Brixton Amsterdam

The brunch takes place at long tables, providing an opportunity to catch up with friends or your date. But sitting with unfamiliar faces right next you fosters a sense of togetherness, and who knows what might emerge from that… We like to compare the atmosphere and camaraderie to that of a wedding, where you spend the whole day with like-minded strangers and quickly become friends after the first joint activity.

During the brunch, a host is present to welcome visitors, offer a welcome drink, and guide the afternoon’s activities. The host is extraordinary—someone visitors won’t easily forget. Between courses, visitors can explore various exhibitors, focusing on authenticity and artistic talent. This allows visitors to be surprised and entertained!

Brixton Amsterdam 

Early Party

During the brunch, various DJs spin house/disco tunes, creating a great energetic vibe. The music gradually builds up towards the moment when chairs are pushed aside, and the brunch explosively transitions into a big party— The ESCALATION moment. This moment is central to all editions of BRIXTON and always comes with acts, special effects and controlled chaos but varies per edition. It’s the starting signal to go all out and enjoy the party with everyone present. You have to experience it to believe it.

The early party kicks off at 5PM It always features one well-known, often local headliner as DJ. The lineup is further completed with a mix of artists who match the style of the headliner. We reserve one spot for new talent, providing them a stage and give a kickstart to their careers.

The event lasts until 11PM, which allows you to relieve the babysitter at home, have a good night of sleep, and enjoy your Sunday (“vroeg pieken“). We often seek partnerships with clubs or other organizations willing to host the night program, where BRIXTON visitors can stay for free. This provides a perfect opportunity for the enthusiastic, who want to keep the party going at the location (and the club/organization benefits from a filled venue for their night program).

Brixton Amsterdam

Next event: November 11th

The upcoming edition of BRIXTON will take place at Levenslang, a former prison with remnants of its former prison life, which has since been transformed into a unique club and brewery. The raw atmosphere of this location strongly resembles the vibe of the old and legendary club Trouw. To maintain this style, we searched for an old resident of Trouw as the headliner. This led us to the Amsterdam DJ Tsepo.

Tsepo is a genius when it comes to sensing the vibe in the crowd and playing the right track at the right time. His always accurate selection of records makes even the largest clubs feel intimate. Connection with the audience is key for Tsepo, making him very popular in the club scene. After being a resident at Trouw, he is now a Resident of the Shelter and performs at various large festivals such as Lowlands and Lighthouse Festival in Croatia. He’ll take us on a 3-hour journey, where emotion, connection, and house bangers come together.

This time, the 3-course brunch will be served by BAUT, known for its exceptional culinary expertise and experience in pop-up restaurants throughout Amsterdam (now located on Wibautstraat with BAUT Oost). The talented chefs from BAUT will provide a unique 3-course brunch for a flavorful and musical experience like never before!

History of BRIXTON

Last season, the first two editions of BRIXTON took place. In December 2022, the very first edition was held at the Amsterdamse FrisdrankFabriek. The brunch was served by Compartir and Some Chemistry was the headliner. The second edition took place in May 2023 at club Atelier, which also served the brunch. And instead of one, we booked two headliners for this edition: Lövestad and Arjuna Schiks. The experiences from these two editions have inspired the BRIXTON team to bring the vibe and atmosphere to a next and higher level for the upcoming season. We can’t wait!

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