Brace yourselves for a mind-blowing musical experience as DJ and producer Joep Mencke unveils his first-ever album. Containing 11 tracks that effortlessly blend dreamy soundscapes with pulsating beats, listeners can count on a unique and emotional journey. Out now; Unalome – Joep Mencke

About Joep Mencke

Hailing from a small town in the Netherlands, Mencke’s love for music blossomed at an early age. His distinctive style emerged from a melting pot of musical influences, creating a sound that’s a beautiful marriage of House music with the warmth ethereal elements of Downtempo genres. Known for his ability to weave stories through music, Mencke’s tracks touch the soul and leave a lasting impact.

‘Unalome’ is a milestone moment for Mencke, propelling him from successful singles and EPs to a full album experience. The album’s title, ‘Unalome,’ draws inspiration from a spiritual symbol found in Buddhism, representing the path to enlightenment and personal growth.


The album starts with the emotion courage, about being ready to face your fears in life. It moves all the way up to enlightenment, passing emotions like acceptance, trust, joy, love, and peace.

For Joep, the title track ‘Unalome’ is very special, but also the track ‘Even’ which will be released on his birthday. The song is a collaboration with Benjamin Sacks who sings in Dutch about the duality of life.

Joep and Benjamin wrote the track a year ago after ADE and it reflects the feeling of wanting to stay in a moment just a little longer. For example, the moment you are flying high on the dance floor while knowing that everything passes. Then, when the party is over, reality inevitably kicks in).

Another jewel is the track ‘Sabda’, which represents the emotion of peace. An amazingly tranquil track that is as soothing as suspenseful, like the feeling of flying through a desert sky.

Released on the label Klassified, ‘Unalome’ by Joep Mencke is out now on all major streaming platforms and digital music stores.


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