BRIXTON Amsterdam: Late brunch, early party!

An elaborate brunch in a unique, raw setting like a warehouse or abandoned building, transforms into a party full of surprises with an outstanding lineup. The concept of “Late brunch, early party” originated in the trendy neighbourhoods of London and has made its way to Amsterdam under the name BRIXTON. The upcoming edition, in collaboration with BAUT and Levenslang, is set for November 11th.

While summer is packed with (day) festivals and parties, the chillier winter months often leave people searching for a replacement. This is why, from October to March, BRIXTON organizes three Saturday events. The target audience for BRIXTON is seasoned festival-goers who enjoy a (culinary) festivity. Get your tickets for their upcoming edition on November 11th now!

Brixton Amsterdam

Late Brunch

The location is a crucial aspect of the concept. It’s raw, unique, and an experience in itself – a place you wouldn’t typically visit during the day. Besides the location, the culinary experience is equally important. BRIXTON collaborates with restaurants that pay attention to both presentation and flavor. As a result we offer a 3-course fine dining brunch at each event, with the option for wine pairing or ordering special cocktails.

Brixton Amsterdam

The brunch takes place at long tables, providing an opportunity to catch up with friends or your date. But sitting with unfamiliar faces right next you fosters a sense of togetherness, and who knows what might emerge from that… We like to compare the atmosphere and camaraderie to that of a wedding, where you spend the whole day with like-minded strangers and quickly become friends after the first joint activity.

During the brunch, a host is present to welcome visitors, offer a welcome drink, and guide the afternoon’s activities. The host is extraordinary—someone visitors won’t easily forget. Between courses, visitors can explore various exhibitors, focusing on authenticity and artistic talent. This allows visitors to be surprised and entertained!

Brixton Amsterdam 

Early Party

During the brunch, various DJs spin house/disco tunes, creating a great energetic vibe. The music gradually builds up towards the moment when chairs are pushed aside, and the brunch explosively transitions into a big party— The ESCALATION moment. This moment is central to all editions of BRIXTON and always comes with acts, special effects and controlled chaos but varies per edition. It’s the starting signal to go all out and enjoy the party with everyone present. You have to experience it to believe it.

The early party kicks off at 5PM It always features one well-known, often local headliner as DJ. The lineup is further completed with a mix of artists who match the style of the headliner. We reserve one spot for new talent, providing them a stage and give a kickstart to their careers.

The event lasts until 11PM, which allows you to relieve the babysitter at home, have a good night of sleep, and enjoy your Sunday (“vroeg pieken“). We often seek partnerships with clubs or other organizations willing to host the night program, where BRIXTON visitors can stay for free. This provides a perfect opportunity for the enthusiastic, who want to keep the party going at the location (and the club/organization benefits from a filled venue for their night program).

Brixton Amsterdam

Next event: November 11th

The upcoming edition of BRIXTON will take place at Levenslang, a former prison with remnants of its former prison life, which has since been transformed into a unique club and brewery. The raw atmosphere of this location strongly resembles the vibe of the old and legendary club Trouw. To maintain this style, we searched for an old resident of Trouw as the headliner. This led us to the Amsterdam DJ Tsepo.

Tsepo is a genius when it comes to sensing the vibe in the crowd and playing the right track at the right time. His always accurate selection of records makes even the largest clubs feel intimate. Connection with the audience is key for Tsepo, making him very popular in the club scene. After being a resident at Trouw, he is now a Resident of the Shelter and performs at various large festivals such as Lowlands and Lighthouse Festival in Croatia. He’ll take us on a 3-hour journey, where emotion, connection, and house bangers come together.

This time, the 3-course brunch will be served by BAUT, known for its exceptional culinary expertise and experience in pop-up restaurants throughout Amsterdam (now located on Wibautstraat with BAUT Oost). The talented chefs from BAUT will provide a unique 3-course brunch for a flavorful and musical experience like never before!

History of BRIXTON

Last season, the first two editions of BRIXTON took place. In December 2022, the very first edition was held at the Amsterdamse FrisdrankFabriek. The brunch was served by Compartir and Some Chemistry was the headliner. The second edition took place in May 2023 at club Atelier, which also served the brunch. And instead of one, we booked two headliners for this edition: Lövestad and Arjuna Schiks. The experiences from these two editions have inspired the BRIXTON team to bring the vibe and atmosphere to a next and higher level for the upcoming season. We can’t wait!

Interview with Amine K

DJ Amine K is on a mission to put a smile on people’s faces across the globe as Morocco’s ambassador of electronic music. And when we say “across the globe”, we mean each corner of the face of the earth. Because besides the usual destinations where he is lauded, it’s important for him to keep sharing his genre of music with new audiences. Is there even a country he hasn’t played yet? Find out about all his adventures, and what he’s working on now in our interview with Amine K.


Hi Amine, thanks for talking to us. What have been some of the highlights of last year for you? And what can we expect from you in the near future in terms of music?

2022, what a year! For me, it was one of the toughest years I went through but also one of the best. There were a lot of challenges on a personal level, having to make sacrifices and difficult decisions. But on a professional level, wow, I did almost 100 shows around the globe, 151 flights (that I btw offset by donating to an association to plant trees), and many bangers and successful releases, and in general many dreams becoming true.

I’m finally at a point in my career and music where I feel that I’m myself, without compromise, doing what I do best and that’s not even counting all the life changing side-projects I started and that I’m still nurturing.

I recently added an Acai MPC to my gear, which is the holy grail for producing Hip Hop music. It’s helping me get back to my roots as a DJ, as I actually started out as a Hip Hop DJ before discovering electronic music. Lately, I’ve been trying to match some of the elements of Hip Hop with electronic music, just like I did with traditional Moroccan music in the past. I have to say, the result is pretty unique and “out of the box”, but also really cool.

One of the results is this amazing track “Mandem” that I collaborated on with Hip Hop rapper Ouenza!

It sounds like we might be treated to a lot of exciting releases again this year, but you have also been working on some remixes right?

I am very proud of the remixes I have just finished. Actually, to be completely honest, I must admit I have always been better at remixes than originals. One of my biggest qualities is the ability to recognize and take the best from other people, not from myself, haha!

Last month my remix of Bondi’s “In My Mind” was released, which I’m pshyched about! And for the other remixes, I can’t say much now, but it will be huge! Once I find more time to spend in the studio this year, I will be able to finish many other productions that I’ve been working on.

Producing remixes for other artists is a common job for DJs nowadays, and since this is something you regularly do, would you say that some types of tracks are quite hard to remix?

For sure! This is definitely the case for tracks that I already feel very attached to from the beginning. For example, I did a remix for a classic track by M.A.N.D.Y., which I really love and had already been listening to for about 15 years, so it was very hard to step away from the original sound that it has.

Same thing with the remix I did for Matthias Meyer, I love his sound so much. And this is exactly what makes it so hard. You want to give a special re-interpretation of the track from your side, but if you love the track so much, then it’s hard to not sound like the original track in the end. Does that make sense?

How do you find inspiration for your music, is it perhaps all the travelling that helps with this?

Of course travelling is a great inspiration because it gives me the opportunity to experience so many different cultures and ways of life. But honestly, as long as you try to continue to see life through children’s eyes, you can draw inspiration from literally everything you experience. This goes for the good things, as well as the bad things in life.

Amine K

Last year you played at MDLBeast Soundstorm. We imagine like most DJs, you probably receive criticism for playing in politically controversial countries?

Wow, where do I even start? This festival is hailed as the Coachella of the Middle East and it definitely didn’t disappoint! More than 150,000 people attended on the Friday that I played, it’s a huge production that was done really well. I shared the lineup with more than 200 regional, and also huge international artists such as Carl Cox, Bruno Mars, Hot Since 82, and DJ Tiësto. The vibe was insane, and the crowd beyond anything I have ever seen!

Indeed, many artists are condemned for playing in Saudi. The country lifted its ban on music festivals not too long ago, but to refuse to play there is like saying you don’t support this progression. I definitely received my share of criticism for some of the politically controversial places I perform, but here’s the thing; festivals can create a safe space for the younger generation. A space for creativity, self-expression, and open-mindedness. The youth — especially in controversial countries — really needs this, and they are not responsible for the mistakes of the generations before them.

As artists, I feel that we should support this, instead of judging entire countries on their shortcomings. I choose to support those who are trying to make a change, and I’ll brave all the criticism I get for that.

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5 Unique Festivals to try in 2023

Music festivals are no longer just about the music; they have transformed into immersive experiences that blend art, culture, and self-expression. While there are countless remarkable festivals around the globe, we’ve compiled a list of 5 unique festivals that redefine the traditional music event experience. From underground electronic music to spiritual journeys and cultural celebrations, these festivals stand out for their distinctive concept and vibe.

Bucht der Träumer – Berlin, Germany

Set on the idyllic shores of Krumme Lanke in Berlin, Bucht der Träumer (Bay of Dreamers) is an underground electronic music festival that pushes the boundaries of conventional music events. The festival’s theme revolves around freedom, creativity, and the fusion of nature and technology.

With a focus on genres like Deep House, Techno, Minimal, Indie House, and Electronica, the festival attracts both established and emerging artists from the global electronic music scene. People often describe the atmosphere as intimate and welcoming, fostering a sense of community among attendees.

The lineup for 2023 is yet to be announced, but some of the names booked for previous editions include:
Britta Arnold, The Knife, Stavroz, Caleesi, Be Svendsen, Monolink, and Kerala Dust.

Pssssht! – We often hear seasoned festival-goers recommending Bucht ter Träumer as an amazing alternative for people who have been to Garbicz Festival many times and want to try something else.


Echoes from Agartha – Cappadocia, Turkey

Nestled in the mountains of Cappadocia, Turkey, Echoes from Agartha is an ethereal music festival that takes participants on a spiritual journey. Inspired by the mythical underground city of Agartha, the festival exudes an otherworldly ambiance as it takes place in the middle of a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The music style revolves around Deep House, Ambient, and Downtempo genres, creating a hypnotic and introspective atmosphere. While we wait for the 2023 lineup, we look at the previous editions that hosted:
Lee Burridge, Mind Against, Seth Troxler, WhoMadeWho, Chaim, Jenia Tarsol, and Elif.

Beyond the music, Echoes from Agartha also offers a variety of spiritual wellness activities. Attendees can participate in yoga and meditation sessions, and attend a wide range of cultural tours and workshops.

Pssssht! – While the stunning location and unmatched program of this event make it worth every penny, the higher price point naturally attracts a more affluent crowd.


Dekmantel Festival – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam is a mecca for true electronic music enthusiasts, renowned for its forward-thinking programming. The festival’s theme encompasses innovation, inclusivity, and a deep-rooted appreciation for the history and evolution of electronic music.

The organization’s prime focus on the music is clear straight away. The setup design is intentionally moderate, without much decor. More effort is put into creating a quality experience by taking measures to minimize queues, manage walk flow directions, and ensure space to move freely on the dance floor.

With an emphasis on genres like Techno, House, Electro, and more experimental and eclectic styles, Dekmantel attracts underground icons, rising stars, and pioneers of the industry. Previous lineups boasted the likes of:
Roisin Murphy, Ben UFO, Jeff Mills, Four Tet, Cinnaman, Carista, Palms Trax, Motor City Drum Ensemble, and VTSS.

Pssssht! – Leave your glitter and boho outfit at home. Just wear something comfy and indulge in the sounds. People often say the lineup full of unknown names at Dekmantel usually turns into the lineup at popular mainstream festivals 5 years later.


Hedoné Seminar – Provence, France / Berlin, Germany

Hedoné Seminar, nestled in the enchanting Provence region of France, offers a unique blend of music, and intimate mindfulness. In recent years, a second annual edition is also held near Berlin. The festival’s decor makes you feel like you are lost in a fairytale, while its theme centers around self-discovery, and the exploration of pleasure in a conscious way.

The musical lineup incorporates genres like Deep House, Downtempo, World Fusion, and Electronic. However, the program of activities is equally, if not more important. Attendees can witness transformative art performances, and participate in workshops that stimulate personal growth and self-expression. All while dressed to the nines in ethereal fashion.

Past lineups included names such as: Birds of Mind, Deer Jade, José Noventa, Martin Fuego, and Lemurian. Although some of the popular activities like “The Naked Tea Party” are what truly make this festival of ethical hedonism unique.

Pssssht! – Yes, this is a sex-positive festival. However, clear guidelines are given to manage expectations before each different workshop of your choice. Your boundaries are sacred, and consent is the highest virtue.


Mezcal Amores Experience – Oaxaca, Mexico

Mezcal Amores is a celebration of Mexican culture and music that takes place in the vibrant city of Oaxaca. The festival’s theme revolves around the rich heritage of mezcal, an iconic Mexican spirit. The welcoming and inclusive nature of the event is praised by festival-goers, mentioning the warm and friendly community.

Providing a platform for cultural exchange, attendees from diverse backgrounds come together to engage in mezcal tastings and other activities. The music style ranges from traditional Folk to contemporary World Music and various Electronic genres. Artists that have played here before are: Unders, Holmar, Parallelle, Maga, Mimi Love, Fabian Krooss, and Blondish.

Dancing the night away, Mezcal Amores is known for its energetic all-night DJ sets until sunrise. With a sea of sombreros on the dance floor, the crowd is as colorful as the lush nature and scenic backdrop of Oaxaca.

Pssssht! – Let the jet setters think Tulum is still the place to be for great parties. Mezcal Amores Experience offers an elevated local experience and an unforgettable musical journey into the heart and soul of Mexican culture.

We hope to have inspired you with these 5 unique festivals to try in 2023.

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House vs. Techno

House Vs. Techno: what is the difference? In the vibrant and ever-evolving realm of electronic music, two genres stand out as pioneers and pillars of the global dance music scene: House and Techno. These genres have transcended generations, crossed borders, and shaped the way we experience music in clubs, festivals, and beyond.

House and Techno share similar origins, which explains why the genres are often lumped together. Many people don’t really know the difference between them. However, they have distinct characteristics that define their unique sounds and atmospheres. Let’s embark on a journey to explore what makes these genres so captivating, and unveil what sets them apart.

House Music

House music emerged in the 1980s, predominantly in Chicago, as a fusion of disco, funk, and electronic elements. It was born in the intimate settings of underground clubs, where DJs sought to create an uplifting, soulful, and energetic vibe for the dancers. The genre owes its name to the iconic Warehouse nightclub, where the legendary DJ Frankie Knuckles pioneered the sound that would eventually become known as “House”.

House Music

Characteristics of House Music

House music is characterized by its steady 4/4 beat, often featuring prominent kick drums and hi-hats that create an infectious groove. It embraces soulful vocals, incorporating samples and hooks from R&B, gospel, and disco tracks. The melodies in House music are melodic and emotive, often conveyed through lush synthesizers and piano chords. The tempo usually ranges from 120 to 130 beats per minute, allowing for a dynamic and energetic atmosphere on the dance floor.

Subgenres within House Music

House music has evolved over the years, giving rise to various subgenres that cater to different moods and tastes. For instance, Deep House delves into deeper, more atmospheric sounds, with an emphasis on smooth basslines and intricate melodies. Tech House infuses elements of Techno, creating a fusion of the two genres with a focus on driving beats and infectious rhythms. Lastly, Progressive House takes a more melodic and epic approach, with soaring synths and build-ups that transport listeners on a musical journey.

Techno Music

Originating in Detroit during the same era, Techno music emerged as a response to the industrial landscape and social unrest of the time. Influenced by the futuristic sounds of electronic pioneers like Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May pioneered Techno, aiming to create a genre that embodied the fusion of man and machine. The fact that it originated from House music, explains why House vs. Techno is often controversial.

Subgenres within House Music

Characteristics of Techno Music

Techno music is characterized by its relentless, hypnotic beats, often featuring repetitive basslines, distorted synths, and industrial-inspired sounds. It is less reliant on vocals, focusing instead on creating an immersive sonic experience that transports listeners to otherworldly realms. The tempo of Techno typically ranges from 125 to 145 beats per minute, offering a faster and more intense pace compared to House music.

Subgenres within Techno Music

Techno music has also branched out into numerous subgenres, each exploring different facets of the genre. For example, Minimal Techno embraces stripped-down, simplistic arrangements, often featuring sparse beats and subtle variations. Detroit Techno pays homage to the genre’s birthplace, incorporating melodic elements and soulful undertones. Acid Techno incorporates squelching and resonant sounds generated by the Roland TB-303 synthesizer, creating a distinct and hypnotic vibe.

Distinctions House vs. Techno

Distinctions between House vs. Techno

While House and Techno music share a common root in electronic music, there are distinctive elements that set them apart. House music, with its soulful vocals, uplifting melodies, and groovy rhythms, often creates a more accessible and melodic experience. On the other hand, Techno music embraces a darker, more industrial soundscape, with its relentless beats and futuristic sounds. Often (but not in all cases of course) Techno tends to have a higher BPM and more of a ‘harder’ and heavier beat.

There is another simplistic and rather humorous explanation for the difference between House and Techno. And this is how the sound of the beat is often described in conversations between people. House music typically has a snare/clap beat, which sounds like a “boots, cats, boots, cats” rhythm to some listeners. Techno music, on the other hand, is commonly found to have a beat sounding more like “doof, doof, doof, doof”. Test it next time you are listening to electronic music. Once you hear it, you simply can’t unhear it!

What are your views on House vs. Techno?

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