German DJ and producer Franca has released her set from Wonderfruit Festival 2022 on Soundcloud. Last December, she graced the decks of the Polygon stage at the popular festival in Thailand, treating the crowd to some energetic and dynamic gems. Introducing this talented lady to you, read all about Franca – Wonderfruit 2022.

About Franca

German-born Franca was first introduced to electronic music back in 1996. She was ten years old when her school bus driver played the genre, prompting her to buy her first vinyl records.

Over the years, with numerous records under her belt, Franca has gained a global following for her dynamic, innovative, and groove-infused DJ sets. She possesses a remarkable ability to captivate the dancefloor, staying three steps ahead, and meticulously planning how to enthrall her listeners.

Franca effortlessly navigates the boundaries of House and Techno, recently becoming a resident Dj at the famous Kater Blau club in Berlin. She also holds residencies at the Feines Tier and WIR Schwestern parties in Cologne, as well as the Confetteria collective in Amsterdam.

About Franca – Wonderfruit 2022

Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand is an extraordinary celebration that transcends the boundaries of a typical music festival, it is often referred to as the Burning Man of Thailand. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the event paints a vibrant tapestry of eclectic music, art, wellness, and sustainability.

Franca had the honor of playing the Polygon Stage, among a lineup of both established and emerging electronic artists. The state-of-the-art sound system, the impressive geometric design of the stage, and Franca’s amazing set were all that were needed to take the audience to a different dimension.

Listen to the full set of Franca – Wonderfruit 2022 at Polygon on SoundCloud.

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