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DJ Amine K is on a mission to put a smile on people’s faces across the globe as Morocco’s ambassador of electronic music. And when we say “across the globe”, we mean each corner of the face of the earth. Because besides the usual destinations where he is lauded, it’s important for him to keep sharing his genre of music with new audiences. Is there even a country he hasn’t played yet? Find out about all his adventures, and what he’s working on now in our interview with Amine K.


Hi Amine, thanks for talking to us. What have been some of the highlights of last year for you? And what can we expect from you in the near future in terms of music?

2022, what a year! For me, it was one of the toughest years I went through but also one of the best. There were a lot of challenges on a personal level, having to make sacrifices and difficult decisions. But on a professional level, wow, I did almost 100 shows around the globe, 151 flights (that I btw offset by donating to an association to plant trees), and many bangers and successful releases, and in general many dreams becoming true.

I’m finally at a point in my career and music where I feel that I’m myself, without compromise, doing what I do best and that’s not even counting all the life changing side-projects I started and that I’m still nurturing.

I recently added an Acai MPC to my gear, which is the holy grail for producing Hip Hop music. It’s helping me get back to my roots as a DJ, as I actually started out as a Hip Hop DJ before discovering electronic music. Lately, I’ve been trying to match some of the elements of Hip Hop with electronic music, just like I did with traditional Moroccan music in the past. I have to say, the result is pretty unique and “out of the box”, but also really cool.

One of the results is this amazing track “Mandem” that I collaborated on with Hip Hop rapper Ouenza!

It sounds like we might be treated to a lot of exciting releases again this year, but you have also been working on some remixes right?

I am very proud of the remixes I have just finished. Actually, to be completely honest, I must admit I have always been better at remixes than originals. One of my biggest qualities is the ability to recognize and take the best from other people, not from myself, haha!

Last month my remix of Bondi’s “In My Mind” was released, which I’m pshyched about! And for the other remixes, I can’t say much now, but it will be huge! Once I find more time to spend in the studio this year, I will be able to finish many other productions that I’ve been working on.

Producing remixes for other artists is a common job for DJs nowadays, and since this is something you regularly do, would you say that some types of tracks are quite hard to remix?

For sure! This is definitely the case for tracks that I already feel very attached to from the beginning. For example, I did a remix for a classic track by M.A.N.D.Y., which I really love and had already been listening to for about 15 years, so it was very hard to step away from the original sound that it has.

Same thing with the remix I did for Matthias Meyer, I love his sound so much. And this is exactly what makes it so hard. You want to give a special re-interpretation of the track from your side, but if you love the track so much, then it’s hard to not sound like the original track in the end. Does that make sense?

How do you find inspiration for your music, is it perhaps all the travelling that helps with this?

Of course travelling is a great inspiration because it gives me the opportunity to experience so many different cultures and ways of life. But honestly, as long as you try to continue to see life through children’s eyes, you can draw inspiration from literally everything you experience. This goes for the good things, as well as the bad things in life.

Amine K

Last year you played at MDLBeast Soundstorm. We imagine like most DJs, you probably receive criticism for playing in politically controversial countries?

Wow, where do I even start? This festival is hailed as the Coachella of the Middle East and it definitely didn’t disappoint! More than 150,000 people attended on the Friday that I played, it’s a huge production that was done really well. I shared the lineup with more than 200 regional, and also huge international artists such as Carl Cox, Bruno Mars, Hot Since 82, and DJ Tiësto. The vibe was insane, and the crowd beyond anything I have ever seen!

Indeed, many artists are condemned for playing in Saudi. The country lifted its ban on music festivals not too long ago, but to refuse to play there is like saying you don’t support this progression. I definitely received my share of criticism for some of the politically controversial places I perform, but here’s the thing; festivals can create a safe space for the younger generation. A space for creativity, self-expression, and open-mindedness. The youth — especially in controversial countries — really needs this, and they are not responsible for the mistakes of the generations before them.

As artists, I feel that we should support this, instead of judging entire countries on their shortcomings. I choose to support those who are trying to make a change, and I’ll brave all the criticism I get for that.

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Bondi - In my Mind (Amine K remix)

New track release alert!

In between all the touring and working on original productions, Amine K has freed up some time to work on a super vibey remix: Bondi – In My Mind (Amine K remix). The Moroccan DJ and producer has quite a batch of material up his sleeve for 2023, in a range of different styles.

The track is the second single from Berlin-based artist Bondi’s new album titled ‘Space Logic’, for which he collaborated with a multitude of artists to remix the tracks and bring them to the dancefloor. Just like the original album, the remix is released on Bondi’s label Juna Poly.

The Space Logic Remixes

Among the other musicians recruited to work on the ‘Space Logic Remixes’ are the likes of Ivory, Marcus Worgull, Santiago Garcia, Aera, Matthias Meyer, Polaroid, and Musumeci. Quite a league of talent we would say.

Bondi:” Most of the artists I didn’t know personally, I just wrote to them on Instagram. The same goes for Amine K, who was instantly hooked and very positive about everything. I immediately loved his vibe and his amazing remix ideas.”

A match made in heaven, the lively beat Amine K is known for goes perfectly with the Indie House vibe of ‘In My Mind’. The result is a highly energetic, yet sturdy remix of the track. 

Amine K was already a fan of Bondi, so when the artist reached out to him on Instagram asking if he would be interested in doing a remix for his upcoming album, he directly said yes.

Amine K:” Bondi is such an amazing artist. So when he reached out, I didn’t think twice. Even before hearing his album yet! I picked 3 tracks and ‘In My Mind’ is the one I remixed in the end”

Amine K remix

The easiness of the track is as distinct as its powerful sturdiness. While the nonchalant vocals seem to sear over the pulsating rhythm, it creates an uplifting atmosphere with just a sliver of melancholy. Without losing the vibe of the original, Amine K has given the track more of a club feel. 

Amine K:” I’m feeling good lately, and you can feel it in the music I’ve been producing. It’s all about summer fun, crazy sunrises, love and friendship; the good life! The same goes for this remix. It’s very 80’s and very happy, and as my good friend Kari says, a real panty dropper!”

Listen to Bondi – In My Mind (Amine K remix) on Soundcloud now. Stay tuned for more news about upcoming releases and hot sets brought to you by Festifeed.

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