MACU – Mindfulness for Music Lovers

Macu Mindfulness event for music lovers

Is there anything that brings people together as electronic music does? We certainly don’t think so. In this modern day (and certainly post-pandemic times) partygoers are looking for a deeper purpose in going to music events. More than ever, we see festivals and events focusing on community, sustainability, mindfulness, and spirituality. Accordingly, we also see more yoga studios and wellness facilities integrating electronic music into their programs. The new, Amsterdam-conceived event “MACU” is a perfect example of this. With their next event “The Rebirth Edition” coming up on May 27th, read all about the concept behind MACU – mindfulness for music lovers.

About MACU

MACU is a one-of-a-kind event designed to celebrate the power of music as a catalyst for healing and personal growth. Combining the ancient practices of yoga and sound healing with the captivating influence of music, their events promise to be a truly immersive and enlightening experience for all attendees.

During the events, participants have the opportunity to engage in various activities and sessions led by renowned experts in the fields of music, yoga, and sound healing. These experts guide attendees on a remarkable exploration of the therapeutic benefits of music.

“We believe that music is a universal language that holds the power to heal and transform,” said Bonita Djugumovic, DJ and spokesperson for MACU. “With MACU, we seek to showcase the immense importance of music in promoting overall well-being and provide participants with an unforgettable experience that will ignite their inner harmony.”

Macu - The Rebirth Edition

Activities at MACU

Key highlights of MACU include:

  1. Music and Yoga Sessions: experienced yoga instructors lead invigorating yoga sessions accompanied by a live DJ session, fostering a harmonious connection between movement, breath, and rhythm.
  2. Yin yoga with crystal bowls frequencies: our multi-talented yoga teacher Bonnie Warnars offers participants opportunities to experience the therapeutic effects of sound vibrations and yin yoga, to enhance overall wellness and emotional well-being.
  3. Mantra Singing and Chanting: participants come together in harmonious unity as they engage in mantra singing and chanting sessions. These ancient practices have long been revered for their ability to purify the mind, uplift the spirit, and create a sacred space for self-reflection and transformation. 

MACU The Rebirth Edition

MACU is thrilled to announce its upcoming event, The Rebirth Edition. A yoga flow on the rhythm of a live DJ session, mantras, and yin yoga with sound healing. This unique gathering is scheduled to take place on May 27th at The White Door Studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The event is open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Most importantly, you are interested in exploring the profound connection between music and health. Furthermore, attendees will have the chance to immerse themselves in a supportive and nurturing environment. The goal is to foster personal growth and transformation.

Tickets are available for purchase here
Early registration is recommended, as spaces are limited.

Macu - Mindfulness for music lovers

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