Release: Alex Galvan – The Magic Carpet (Hauy Remix)

Montreal-based DJ and producer Hauy remixes the lively and ethereal track “The Magic Carpet” by Alex Galvan, out now on Sounds of Khemit

After releasing his original track “Mycelium” on Sounds of Khemit earlier this year, Montreal-based DJ and producer Hauy was invited back to the label to undertake the delicate art of remixing a very imaginative track; “The Magic Carpet” by Mexican artist Alex Galvan.

With “The Magic Carpet” Alex Galvan enmeshes winding melodies with a blend of elated sounds, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery. As he puts it: “The magic carpet is a metaphor and a wellspring of inspiration for chasing your dreams and never glancing back” 

Hearing the track for the first time, Hauy immediately vibed with it, almost instinctively knowing how he would weave his own creativity through the dreamy chords. The Brazilian-born artist remembers feeling particularly inspired by the spoken vocals on the track. 

Hauy: “I thought the words must have come from a fantasy tale or children’s book, but they were written by Alex Galvan himself. I felt so inspired that the main idea for the remix came together in just one studio session, and I was instantly happy with the result.”

Lyrics from the track:
Under a moonlit sky, a dreamer took flight on a magic carpet. Leaving fear behind, they soared through challenges and wonders, guided by the carpet’s wisdom. With courage, they embraced the unknown, never looking back. They laughed, cried, and marveled at the beauty of the world, grateful for the surreal journey. The carpet shimmered with newfound radiance as they reached the mountaintop, bidding farewell with a heart full of gratitude. The dreamer spread their wings, ready to chase new dreams, carrying the magic within them forever.

Hauy recently played his debut in Vancouver, following a string of shows throughout Canada and the US. Touching down in Europe with gigs in Germany and Ibiza this summer, he returned home to achieve the milestone of playing from open to close at the legendary Club Stereobar in Montreal.

After acclaimed releases on All Day I Dream, Warung Recordings, and Get Physical Music, Hauy’s most recent releases include “Forest of Secrets” on Trybesof, and remixes for Anuqram on Where The Shadow Ends and for Sinca on When We Dip XYZ. However, none had such a fast turnaround as “The Magic Carpet”.

Hauy:”I did this remix in September, and I can’t believe it’s already coming out now. It feels good to share something so fresh. I wish it was always like that.”

The result is a lively remix, its ethereal melody riding every turn and twirl of the rhythm exactly like a magic carpet ride must feel like. The track already enjoys support from Sebastien Leger, Lee Burridge, Amentia, Maz(BR), and Be Svendsen, so go ahead and give it a listen yourself now!


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